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Fully funded online courses : The study of preventive Fully funded online courses medicine is the study that investigates the diseases that are expected to occur, and the ideal ways to prevent them from occurring. Preventive medicine is one of the important medical specialties whose importance revolves around identifying the different applications and methods that help in preventing diseases, and it is also concerned with raising health rates at the individual level. And the collective level, it is the science concerned with promoting and strengthening mental health and physical health by preventing diseases with the aim of prolonging the life of the individual, and in this article we will talk about the specialization of preventive medicine, preventive medicine curricula, its objectives, and other matters related to this specialization. 

✅  Fully funded online courses Study of preventive medicine specialization: 🙂

Preventive medicine is one of the medical Fully funded online courses branches associated with society in general and the individual in particular, as it relates to personal health in terms of hygiene, sports, and nutrition, as well as the use of various biological compounds such as vaccines and serums, as it aims to prevent diseases, speed treatment and take the necessary measures when disease occurs And Fully funded online courses control it to prevent complications, which contributes greatly to raising the level of health in society.

Preventive medicine is one of the most important Fully funded online courses biomedical specialties that have great importance in the economic and health aspects, and its results have appeared in developed countries, so we see a reduction in the financial deficit in the budgets of the Ministry of Health due to the high percentage of sick cases, as the statistics confirmed the low value of health bills This has led to an increase in the number of students who wish to study preventive medicine specialization to positively impact the health of the individual and society.

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🤑  What are the most important courses and curricula to study preventive medicine Fully funded online courses? 🤓

The study of preventive medicine is concerned with a specific set of curricula that the student must know in order to be able to advance in the academic stages of Fully funded online courses this specialization, and the following are the most important of these curricula:

💥 Fully funded online courses What is the purpose of studying preventive medicine? 🔥

The preventive medicine specialty aims to achieve a set of things that have a great impact on the individual and society, including the following:

1- Preserving the lives of sick and healthy people

2- Working to reduce mortality rates in mothers and children

3- Working to extend life by avoiding various diseases

4- Reducing the rates of disability in children

5- The possibility of quickly intervening when diseases or epidemics occur to limit their exacerbation

6- Prevention of diseases and the spread of health epidemics that negatively affect the lives of individuals

7- Promote public health, physical integrity and adequacy

What is the cost of studying Preventive Medicine?

There are a number of countries around the world that include the specialization of preventive medicine, which gives the student the opportunity to choose the country to which he travels after good thinking and delves into all the advantages and disadvantages of each country, and the most important thing that the student searches for is the cost of study so that he can determine his financial ability to cover all the necessary expenses in a country The following is the average cost of studying preventive medicine major in American universities:

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Duration of study

The cost is in US dollars

The cost is in Saudi riyals

Annual cost

$ 24,500 USD

92,000 Saudi riyals

✨   Fully funded online courses What fields of work are available for graduates of preventive  medicine specialization? 🔥    

1- Vital scientific centers

2- Research and laboratory centers

3- Specialized environmental centers

4- Medical and treatment consulting centers

5- Reconnaissance and medical survey centers

6- Hospitals and clinics