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✅ Go in search of Subsidy of used housing come here we will tell you what you want to know 🙂

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : If perhaps you think that you do not have the possibility of acquiring a new home, because surely economically you cannot cover with the payment of the loan installments that you need to buy a home, do not worry, within the housing subsidy benefits you will find the option of the subsidy of used housing, here in our blog we have all the information of the benefit of subsidies of both new and used housing and the form that you can choose to them.

🤑  Subsidies for used homes work in the same way as subsidies for new homes, 🤓

The difference is essentially that some entities manage different systems, so that people request this benefit, in most cases, such entities require as a requirement It is essential that people are affiliated with these and that they are made up of family nuclei, in order to qualify for the credits they offer for the purchase of used homes.

Now, perhaps you have doubts about the way these procedures work, which may seem complicated, but it is not, because the main step that people who request this type of benefit have to do is that they have to look for a property that is within the budget range they have, which will be equated with the amount of money they receive on a monthly basis.

💥 On some occasions, the institutions that are in charge of facilitating the benefit make available to Subsidy of housing  a list of properties that adjust to the monthly income 🔥

it is a new way that provides more comfort because you only have to verify and choose this saves you the effort of having to search without any success and you can select the home that suits your needs without losing the dream of having your own home.

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If you decide to use the selection system offered by the entity and choose the home, the entity that offers you this benefit will proceed to carry out the respective socioeconomic study and if you are within the limits they require, it will approve the disbursement. credit, this process can be a bit late since only the approval can be estimated to take between 10 to 15 days approximately, while the disbursement can take between 1 to 2 months, this estimated time will be due to the number of requests that these entities they have to evaluate.

🔥 It is important that the people who request the benefit must take into account that the Subsidy of housing  ✨


amount that will be granted will depend fundamentally on the amount of money that they receive on a monthly basis, this in order that the entities can guarantee that it can be Comply with the payment of these fees, that is, that you may have the capacity to cover the cancellation of the subsidy, now the property acquired has opened up endless possibilities without so many obstacles so that all Colombians can have a safe roof.