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🙂 Cheer up to know the information of the housing subsidies 2019 for single mothers Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : The time for single mothers to be left aside has come to an end, now the government has opened the possibility that mothers heads of households can opt for several of the programs in terms of housing subsidies that have been allocated to For single mothers, this information can be quite useful, here we will tell you what each of the programs that are currently available consists of.

🤓 Look at these are the social programs that the state has allocated among the 2019 housing subsidies for single mothers ✅

Given that there are a considerable number of single mothers throughout the country, the state has implemented within the 2019 housing subsidy programs for mothers who are heads of households, several social programs whose sole purpose is to alleviate the situation of single mothers.

The first of them is the social infrastructure and habitat program, this program is intended to finance small works, in addition to providing the benefit to single mothers for the improvement of housing, in addition to having the possibility of looking for possible solutions in case you are presenting irregular situations regarding drinking water and basic sanitation

🔥  Other programs that are found are social benefits, among which we mention the following: 🤑

More family in action: this program is focused on allocating a set of money for those families that are in extreme poverty, the state will allocate a certain amount of money to households that have children under 7 years old, among the main objectives is to guarantee that There is no educational dropout, in addition to being able to guarantee that they can count on a contribution for food.

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Other of the objectives that the latter raises with this type of programs is that children can improve their situation in terms of health.

Within this type of subsidies are the following:

• The nutritional subsidy: what you are looking for is that families can have community gardens and children’s homes, which will be conditional, which means that families must participate in medical controls of growth and development.

• The school subsidy: what it seeks is that families commit to keeping their children within the school system, in order to avoid school dropout, through this type of subsidy it is sought to include the education system again those children who for some reason have had to drop out

✨ Subsidy of housing  Social income:  💥


the state seeks through this type of subsidy to provide mothers who are heads of families with an incentive so that they can improve the quality of life that they have had until now.

Whatever the type of subsidy you need, you just have to go to the entity that is in charge of granting them and complying with the required collections.