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🙂 Clear Cache (browser memory – DNS cache) List of free online courses 🥇

List of free online courses

List of free online courses  : If you sometimes hear from your site hosting provider that you need to clear your browser cache and wonder what it is, this article will answer a number of cache questions.

🤓  What List of free online courses  is DNS? ✅

Each device that connects to a network or the internet is identified by its IP address and its host name or domain name respectively. So you do not need to know or remember the IP address of a site, as long as you know its domain .

DNS is the service that assigns each domain name to the IP of the web server that hosts the website. So when you type a domain in your Browser and press ENTER, then the DNS settings send to your computer the IP of the server to which it will search this website. Then your Navigator (Brower: Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) sends the request to the server to open the page you requested.

🔥 DNS / Browser Cache List of free online courses 🤑

This information (IP address of the site and files that make up the website) is stored for a short time in the memory of your PC and network, so that if you visit the same website again, they will be found in the memory, which is faster process.

They are usually stored for a day or two and when this time has elapsed then DNS will be used again to find the IP.

Respectively, the Internet Connection Providers (ISP’s: Otenet, Forthnet, HOL etc.), store on their servers the temporary versions of the web pages that have already been opened through their network, in order to serve you faster (and to save traffic).

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They also store DNS settings that are supposed to be renewed by consulting the TTL (time to live) of the DNS zones.

✨ What’s the problem with DNS (Cache) List of free online courses 💥

Sometimes this memory has incorrect / obsolete information, because for example in the meantime the IP address of the site may have changed (eg it may have been transferred to another server ), or the content of the site may have changed or it should not have been searched in the DNS declared IP for a domain. This results in the website you want to visit not being displayed.

Below we will show you how to clear this cache so that it can start receiving the latest DNS information again.

🔥  Clear DNS Cache in Windows List of free online courses 😂

Start -> Run -> type cmd and in the window that opens type

ipconfig / flushdns

Clear DNS Cache on Linux

Open the Terminal and write:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/nscd restart

Clear DNS Cache on Mac OS X.

Open the Terminal and write:

dscacheutil -flushcache

Clear your Navigator Cache

Pressing Ctrl-Shift-Delete opens the Clear Memory Options window in Internet Explorer , Firefox and Chrome .

The corresponding shortcut for Safari (Windows) is  Ctrl + Alt + E , while in Opera select  Menu > Tools >  Private data >  Delete cache.

For more information on other Browsers and systems, see this article  which explains how Cache Clearance is done .