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🙂 QUIC: Up to 30% faster website loading List of free online courses 🥇

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : As part of our quest to provide the fastest & most stable web hosting in Greece (and not only!), We have completed the full implementation of the QUIC protocol  and achieved an additional  30% faster loading  of the websites we host in shared, reseller & semi-dedicated hosting!

🤓  What is QUIC List of free online courses? ✅

The QUIC (Quick UDP Internet Connections ) is a next generation List of free online courses Internet protocol that speeds up web applications that are prone to delay, such as searching, etc., reducing the network lap time ( round-trip time –  RTT) need to connect to a server .

By replacing TCP with UDP and encrypting most of its payload, QUIC reduces the time it takes to start viewing content by two or three times while maintaining data security .

QUIC logo

The QUIC  developed by Google (running in  Chrome & Opera) and designed  to compensate for the shortcomings of HTTP / 2,  providing strong encryption and inviolable and  reducing delay due handshake server / client and packet loss.

Litespeed with QUIC

The Litespeed web server  was the first web server with support SPDY /3.1  and the first to support HTTP / 2  in the world, dramatically increasing the speed and stability in   hosting our services. With the addition of  QUIC  we managed to load up to 30% faster web pages on our servers.

🔥 💥  QUIC vs HTTP2 List of free online courses 🤑


These are the most important technical features of QUIC:

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Exchange packages in steps, to reduce their loss.

Built-in congestion control mechanism.

Transfer to UDP to avoid head-of-line TCP interference.

High security, similar to Transport Layer Service (TLS).

Correction of package errors that reduce retransmission delay.

Login ID to reduce reconnections to mobile customers.

Fast (0-RTT) connectivity similar to TLS Snapstart in combination with TCP Fast Open.

🔥  The integration of QUIC in LiteSpeed ​​is special List of free online courses because: ✨


has high quality and is ready for production servers.

protects against DDoS and packet-spoofing attacks.

its architecture is multi-process and scalable well.

supports server push.

it is faster and safer.

can be used as a proxy server.

With HTTP / 2, SPDY and QUIC and LiteSpeed ​​Cache we make WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, CsCart, Joomla and Drupal websites up to 10 times faster (1000%) in total !!!

All you need for incredible speeds is a web hosting package  ( Shared hosting , Reseller hosting or Semi-dedicated hosting ), to install the relevant caching plugin in your application and an SSL certificate for your site!