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🙂 Teleworking & coronavirus protection measures at DNHOST List of free online courses 🥇

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : The coronavirus is now a reality that tests our resilience and readiness, both individually and collectively. Having as the only source of reference the directions of the World Health Organization and the Greek Ministry of Health , we are determined to actively participate in the effort to limit the spread of coronavirus in our country and so we immediately drew up our action plan.

🤓  Protection Measures and Information List of free online courses ✅


We have already taken strong health protection measures in the List of free online courses office (disinfections, disinfectant liquids available in all areas of the office).

We also calmly informed our colleagues about the personal hygiene, protection and self-restraint measures that both they and their families must take.

The company’s management believes that it is the responsibility of the same to inform their respective employees and another that acquires importance / influence workers to be informed and personally by the employer in addition to the media. We must be responsible for the good of all of us.

🔥  Tele-work application List of free online courses  🤑

In addition, we studied and implemented all the actions that will allow our company to operate via telework . As of today, Friday 13/3, we started working from home for most of our employees, wanting to protect themselves and allow them to help and inform their loved ones. Thus, we have ensured the continuous operation of our call center (801.300.3520 – 210.953.6767, 9:30 am -5: 30 pm) , the use of helpdesk ( ) and our Live Chat for to be always near you!

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✨ 😂  Part of the DNHOST staff working from home due to coronavirus      List of free online courses 💥 🔥

From our side nothing changes in the way , the speed and the quality of our services and service. We continue to operate normally (teleworking where possible will contribute to the safe continuation of the economy) and we are determined to strictly adhere to safety measures, so that we can all return to our work and our daily lives as soon as possible.

The thoughts of all of us these days are on those who are being tested by the virus, on the medical and nursing staff who are fighting a great battle, on the employees in the pharmacies and in the supply chains, but also on those who are absolutely necessary to continue their work.

✨  Let us all help them calmly and with a sense of responsibility , List of free online courses✨ 😂

limiting our movements and social contacts to a minimum and only for reasons of great need, in order to limit the spread of the virus and to return to our daily lives soon.