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🙂 The course begins with an explanation of what SEO is and how it works and also covers topics such as Free training certificates: 🥇

Free training certificates

Free training certificates  : Khatit content marketing Free training certificates

Understand your website’s audience

Best practices for internal connectivity

Measuring SEO effectiveness

Local improvement

The duration of this course is three and a half hours

🤓 🤑  Free training certificates  Features: ✅  

A holistic understanding of content and SEO marketing

Important SEO tips

Important text resources about SEO

One thing to know about LinkedIn Tutorial is that it offers the courses for free for only one month, after which there is a monthly fee! Try to take advantage of this month properly!

Start learning SEO from Linkedin today

A complete SEO course from Mangools

A complete SEO course from Mangools

Mangools SEO Academy is a good introduction to SEO from a comprehensive point of view. You can read this nine-chapter chapter guide in a few hours if you are so enthusiastic as it covers all the details and the basics.


You don’t need to register

You can obtain certification from Mangools

Learn about the popular Mangools keyword tool

Organized content with illustrative images

Start learning the Mangools course now

Arabic SEO guide from Majnah

Arabic SEO guide from Majnah

We have in Mjnh format and cover the most important details on the improvement and Tamguena detail search engines to help Arab readers to understand Suy correct format and in a way you can move to a simplified section of improved search engines your Bmjnh or start to improve manual search engines for beginners .


Full Arabic content

Covering all SEO topics

Continuous update

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Completely free content, no registration required

You can ask inquiries through the communication sites

The most important global strategies and tactics

Get started now with Majnah Arabic SEO guide

List of the five best seo books in the world:

All you need to know about SEO writer Evan Bailyn

First place in 3 months by Will Coombe

SEO 2020 by Adam Clarke

How to Increase Your Website Traffic for Free Writer Ryan Stewart

The Art of SEO by O’Reilly Media.


🔥 Free training certificates  Features: 🤑

Learn the most important local improvement strategies and tactics

Learn about local SEO on and off the page

Short, clear videos

Start now with a Udemy SEO course

Course SEO Google Beginners Guide

Course SEO Google Beginners Guide

If you want to get a complete overview of the fundamentals of SEO according to Google’s best practices, this guide is the place to learn the best practices in the world.


You can print and download the guide

Comprehensive content for the most important practices

How to improve results for mobile

How to improve images for search results

Easy and clear information

SEO course in Arabic

self education

Get started in Google’s SEO guide now

Google has another free SEO course that you offer via Coursera, go to it here

Free SEO Course from Hubspot

Free SEO Course from Hubspot

This is another free SEO course offered by HubSpot that is really worth studying!

✨  The Free training certificates includes four lessons covering the following topics: 💥

Developing an SEO strategy

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Expand your link building campaigns

HubSpot Blog SEO Strategy

This course is not for beginners but rather you must have a basic understanding of SEO.


Practical examples of how to improve your search results

Tests to confirm the comprehension process

Effective SEO tactics

Start this free course from Hubspot now

Free SEO course from SEMRush

Free SEO course from SEMRush

Learn the basics of SEO using this free and in-depth course from SEMrush, this course lasts 4 hours, during which you will get the most important information about SEO for free. 


There are tests for review

Get more textual resources

Learn more about popular SEMRush tools

Obtaining a certificate after submitting the final exam

Try the free SEMRush course now

Linkedin SEO course

Linkedin SEO course

LinkedIn Learning – LinkedIn Learning is the new name for what was previously known as Lynda.

When it comes to learning SEO, learning on Free training certificates LinkedIn tutorial includes a lot of training courses, but the course worth studying is “SEO Basics”.