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🙂 Your first Google AdWords campaign Fully funded online courses 🥇

Fully funded online course

Fully funded online courses  : Do you want to increase visits / sales to your site ? Then this article will help you get started using Google AdWords.

🤓  We have been using it since 2022 and Fully funded online courses  we can guarantee that it has very good results! ✅

What is Google AdWords?

Advertising on Google AdWords is a service for targeted advertising in Google search results , where you only pay if someone clicks on your ad and not just for its display. This ad model is called Pay Per Click (PPC).

Allows you to create text ads or image banners that will appear when the keywords you specify are included in a user’s Google search.

🔥  Benefits of Google AdWords Fully funded online courses 🤑


1. Targeted advertising

to too many online users, in specific countries, for specific keywords and only to those who are currently searching for those keywords.

2. Immediate results

since the activation of the campaign is immediate and is exposed to hundreds of users. If you find the weak points of your site, you will dramatically increase your sales. 😀

3. Complete control

with statistics on the performance of your ads, clicks, visitors who send you to your site, etc. and setting the maximum ad cost per day / click.

So let’s do the Creating your first Google AdWords account and campaign together!

Congratulations! You ‘ve just launched your  first Google Adwords campaign !

Find more information about Google AdWords and how to use it at the following Links:

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Create a Google AdWords Account and 1st Campaign »

Instructions for redeeming your coupon

Google Support Page

💥  Greek support team of Google Fully funded online courses 💥

Tips for a secure website

Many of you ask us for tips and instructions to keep your website (and its services: e-mail, ftp, mysql etc) safe and away from blacklists (firefox, chrome, google, etc.). e-mail servers protection services) that may even lead to the deletion of your site from your hosting provider.

Keep your website safe!

Use strong passwords.

The A and O in the security of the site, ftp and e-mail accounts, Admin of your blog, CMS or e-shop and your hosting control panel.

Never, ever use MH passwords identical to your domain name, your email, that are directly related to one of your IDs (eg your name: maria123).

Not in passwords of the form 1234567, password, 1q2w3e4r5t (sequence of characters in the upper left part of your keyboard, which many consider safe).

You change your passwords often, for example once every three months or at least six months.