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🥇 ⭐ 6 Christmas ideas for your website SHARE Accredited short courses online 🙂

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : Christmas is just around the corner and everything is festively decorated. So we give you 6 ideas to customize your website and create a pleasant festive atmosphere!

1. Christmas graphics and wishes

Welcome the visitors of your website with festive graphics which will be accompanied by Christmas wishes. For example a pop-up with Christmas design and wishes for a Merry Christmas.

2. Christmas logo and slogan

Add a Christmas “mood” to your logo by using a Santa hat, a reindeer or a few snowflakes. You can also combine some festive words or expressions in your corporate slogan. Be careful not to overdo it and negatively affect your corporate identity.

3. Christmas slider or hero image

If you already have a slider on your homepage, which alternates photos of your products and services, how much easier than customizing Christmas decorations and wishes. You can do the same in case your website has a hero image, enrich it or change the existing one with a Christmas photo.

4. Christmas graphics in the corners of the website

Your choices here are many. You could also add a small Christmas tree, Christmas lights, reindeer, mistletoe, etc. in the lower right or left corner of the web page which will remain sticky when the visitor browses the web page.

✅  Accredited short courses online Christmas offers 🤓

Create a landing page, in which you will present the Christmas offers of your products or services and then link it with a call-to-action button from your home page.

🔥  Let it snow! Let it snow Accredited short courses online! 🤑

A fairly common way to add a Christmas mood to your website is the “digital snowfall” used by many websites during the holiday season. The “digital snowfall” should be beautiful, pleasant and discreet to your visitors.

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💥  * Tip Accredited short courses online ✨

Do not overdo it! The above additions should not negatively affect the user experience of the user, the functionality and the speed of your website.


⭐ Twitter User Guide: Hastags, Mentions, Retweets etc. 🥇

I have talked to many people about using  Twitter . I hear the same questions about Twitter very often and I see many common mistakes made when using it. Today’s post covers the main features of Twitter and how to use these features effectively .

Let’s look at Twitter as a natural extension of a person. If, for example, you are going to an event, how will you behave? First, you will find people discussing topics that interest you. Then you will listen to their conversations and then you will join the conversation. In this example, there are two main components of conversation:

the topic  of discussion

the people involved

Twitter allows you to highlight these two elements through their interface, with the hashtag / tag (#) and the reference symbol (@):

To explain the use of hashtags a little more simply , it is a way of marking and finding topics on Twitter that interest everyone, while they are also a form of meta information.

When creating a Tweet , we use  a hashtag (#)  before the subject of our tweet. The symbol (@) is used before the twitter username (individuals, organizations, companies, etc.). @ Is only used before a Twitter username. A hashtag should never be used before a Twitter username.

When we use # or @, then we convert the next word into a link. In the case of the hashtag, we can click on the word after the hashtag to see what others are saying on Twitter about the same topic. For the symbol (@), if we click on the word after @ to learn more about that person, organization or company.

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