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🥇 Did you know that you can access various types of subsidies compensate here we have all the information 🙂

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : Compensar is one of the social programs belonging to the family compensation fund that provides Colombian members of the compensation fund with the benefits of subsidies so that they can improve their quality of life, among the different compensating subsidies you will find the subsidies compensation, educational subsidies and monetary subsidies, on the other hand, offers the possibility that you can be an applicant for unemployment insurance.

This type of subsidy can be used to cancel accommodation plans or plans for educational purposes, these being more flexible when making the necessary investment to improve the quality of life of the person who has received the benefit.

🤓  You want to know how you can choose to compensate Subsidy of housing ✅

As it is a benefit whose purpose is social, you can opt for them through the affiliate compensation fund to which you are affiliated, in order to apply for the compensate subsidy, in addition to being affiliated to the compensation fund it is necessary that you meet the requirements of law among which it is found that all possible beneficiaries are within the vulnerable sector scale, located between strata 1 and 2 whose monthly income cannot exceed 4 minimum salaries, another aspect you must bear in mind is that they must include the documentation required by the compensation fund and in addition to this you must have it both physically and digitally, keep in mind that you must join the institution’s website.

🔥 What you must take into account to qualify for compensating subsidies Subsidy of housing 🤑


Depending on the type of subsidy for which you are going to opt, you must bear in mind certain aspects so that at the time of making the request you are not denied the benefit of the compensating subsidy, among those aspects the following are mentioned:

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• Given that this benefit is granted to workers who are affiliated to the compensation fund, they must have income that does not exceed 4 minimum monthly income salaries.

• In the event that the worker wishes to opt for the monetary subsidy benefit, they must not exceed 6 minimum monthly wages, these will be counted among all the people who are part of the family group who are working.

• In the event that the possible beneficiaries at the time of making the sum of their family income exceeds the 4 minimum monthly income wages, you must bear in mind that this benefit will be granted to only one of the workers of the family nucleus.

• It is important that the potential beneficiaries are not independent workers, the applicant must work at least 96 hours throughout the month.


🔥  The compensating subsidies, like the other subsidies offered by other entities that are part Subsidy of housing 💥✨

Subsidy of housing of the social interest subsidy program, is granted only once, which indicates that if you were previously a beneficiary of compensating subsidies, it will not be granted again