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🥇 Google My Business Online Certificate Programs 🙂

Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs : So if you do not yet have Google My Business , register your business immediately. Fill in the details, the description, the tags, the opening hours, add your products and upload photos from the place and your products!

🤓  What to watch out for Online Certificate Programs:  ✅

Avoid duplicate entries. If your business has already been registered by a user, do not re-register but ask Google for management through the “claim registration” option.

In relevant research:

The 86% of consumers read reviews of local businesses.

The 91% of the 18-34 age consumers trust online reviews more than personal recommendations.

The 13% of consumers communicate with the company if the comments read previously are positive.


🔥  Online Certificate Programs Write effective content 🤑

If your industry is very competitive – as is the case with most businesses – you need to think and organize a content creation strategy that will help you climb to the first page of google, increase traffic to your site and really bring you Results.

A good strategy is to create content / articles on your site blog ( blog creation tips ) that focus on long tail keywords . For example, if you have a local business in Nea Ionia that sells tiles it is better and more effective to write an article focusing on long tail keywords like vintage bathroom tiles Nea Ionia instead of bathroom tiles.

Although long keywords have a much lower volume in Google search, they are often more effective in turning a visitor into a customer. According to Buyer’s journey , longer words indicate consumers who are closer to the decision to complete a purchase because they have a clearer mind of what they want to acquire.

So use your site blog and start writing articles that focus on long keywords that focus on your business goals.

✨  Tips Online Certificate Programs: 💥

Find out who your buying audience is .

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Make sure your site is SEO friendly .

Show your blog readers that they can trust you.

5. Advertise on google ads

I do not think you need special recommendations for advertising google ads   is the most popular online advertising platform. If you want to bring visitors to your business site directly, google ads is what you need. Get started with your google guide or contact a niche advertiser.

google ads

Follow these 7 steps:

Set goals

Do research

Set the budget

Build the structure

Choose the keywords

Highlight your strengths

Think outside the box

Google Keyword Planner

Use the Keyword Planner tool to discover new keywords or phrases related to your products or services. It will also provide you with suggested bid estimates so you can determine your advertising budget!

🔥  Extremely useful Online Certificate Programs 😂

Volume trends – seasonal trends

Distribution according to the device, depending on mobile, tablet & desktop

Improved forecasting tools. Create Visual Content.

Content is still the king of digital marketing and in itself is a very big asset. What your business page should contain depends on what it represents and what its purpose is. But surely, whether it is an article on your business blog or the home page, the use of visual content is very important for the success of your site!

Below we will see the most important types of visual content that you should adopt and include in your strategy.

A. Images. Do not leave the pages of your site without images, they attract the interest of the readers and help them to continue reading the text. The marketers Jeff Bullas states that articles with images have a 94% more views than those without. It is better to use your own images creatively, as this adds value to your content and users will appreciate it.

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B. Video. It’s the best practice for articles that refer to problem solving . While there are several other ways – more economical – to visualize your content, a good video definitely works as an extra influence for your page, article or business campaign. In related research , stated that 88% of users spend more time on video sites. Even the 54% of the sequence of a brand or a company wanting to watch more videos.

C. Infographics. It is an excellent tool to keep the attention of the visitors and to stand out from the competition. Use statistics, combine images, arrows, tables, icons and add texts with accurate information. You need to make sure that all the visuals follow a logical narrative sequence – it is not worth making an infographic just to show your skills in Adobe Illustrator! Create your own infographics online for free through Canva .

D. Screenshots. Install a free application such as Lightshot , press Prt Scr on the keyboard, “capture” snapshots from your screen, fill in with notes, darts, etc. to visualize the instructions and descriptions for your services and products.

We hope the above 6 digital marketing tips for small businesses help you grow and achieve your business goals online! If you want to suggest us your own digital marketing tips, leave us a comment in the form below! ⤵️