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🥇 iPhone applications for a better 2022 Accredited short courses online 🙂

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : Renewed and with new strength, we start the new year with goals, desires, dreams and promises.

So we suggest you some applications for your iphone that will help you achieve your personal goals, better organize your time and start strong in 2022.

Happy new year to everyone!

🤓  Weight loss Accredited short courses online ✅

Lose Accredited short courses online It!

Lose It is a free and easy-to-use application with features to manage your weight loss and achieve your well-being. With a large database of foods and nutritional information, simply enter what you have consumed to receive the caloric impact on your body. The application also keeps the calories you burn and shows you where you have exceeded or left out of your daily calorie intake in order to lose weight.

Go Meals



Even if you eat in a restaurant and you have no idea what are the best choices that suit the nutritional needs of your diet. Go Meals helps you compare available dishes in terms of calories. It also contains thousands of entries for food from the greengrocer and provides complete nutritional information about what you eat on a daily basis. When you choose a particular food, it can be saved as “The Dish of the Day” and keep track of the calories, fat and protein you received. Very useful, do not you agree? And it is also Free!

🔥  Keep fit Accredited short courses online 🤑

Fitness Free



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A very good and free application that provides you with photos and detailed steps to do the approximately 320 exercises it contains. Every muscle group is mentioned and you can get good ideas for triceps, abdominal exercises and any other part of your body that you want to improve. There is also a function that offers a 3-day training package or you can choose the exercises you want and make your own exercise program!




IPersonalTrainer suggests that you create a workout program and select the team you want to workout by showing these areas in a human image on your mobile. The application then goes to a page with video guides for the exercises you have chosen and gives you tips on how to perform them with the best technique. It also includes a body mass calculator, tracking your weight and progress so you can keep track of your schedule as you improve your body. Cost: € 0.79