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🥇 Look at these are the government programs for the purchase of your own home for the first time through the benefit of subsidies 🙂

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : Sometimes it is very difficult to buy a home and you have to look for the different options that allow you to fulfill one of the most desired goals, which is to be a property owner, for this reason we have brought you some of the government subsidies for purchase home for the first time.

As we have already said previously, the government has made great efforts in order to eradicate not only extreme poverty but also to be able to offer Colombians the possibility of improving their quality of life, for this reason it has focused on housing subsidy programs so that the most vulnerable people can have the opportunity to purchase their home for the first time.

There are several institutions that are currently in charge of granting housing subsidies, but the one that has currently focused on this issue is the entity known as my house ya and frech, and those that are in charge of subsidies for used housing is known as the seedbed of owners, as far as the improvement program is concerned, the State also implemented a program called dignified house – dignified life.


✅  Look at government grants to buy a home for the first time Subsidy of housing 🤓

The aid program that the government has implemented since approximately 2015, is a combined program, you will ask yourself, what is a combined program like? This is mainly based on the combination of a down payment subsidy and an interest rate subsidy.

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Who can qualify for this type of combined subsidy

People interested in this type of subsidy should bear in mind that one of the main requirements is that families who wish to apply must have 3 minimum wages as monthly income, and meet the other requirements demanded by the entity that is granting the benefit.

🔥 See the amount you can receive for the down payment and interest rate Subsidy of housing 🤑

People who may benefit from this type of subsidy can receive approximately 8,100 usd for a down payment and an interest rate subsidy for a period of around 7 years of up to 4,850 usd.

💥  If you did not know that the frech program exists for the purchase of a home for the first time, here we tell you what it is Subsidy of housing ✨

These subsidies are intended for households or families that receive up to 8 minimum wages, so they may have the opportunity to buy a priority interest home (VIP) and the maximum value of this type of subsidy can reach a maximum value of up to 18,700 usd and the interest rate is 5% per year, now if you opt for an affordable housing the interest rate will not exceed 4% per year, so if you plan to opt for any of the subsidies to buy a home for the first time do not wait any longer.