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🥇 Take off your Newsletter with Email Platforms Free training certificate 🙂

Free training certificate

Free training certificate : Sending informative emails (newsletter) remains one of the most efficient ways of marketing and communication to the public of a site or e-shop. Once you find the topics that interest your users and get their consent you can build relationships of trust and long-term commitment through updates and articles that reflect the image of your business.

According to research presented by Free training certificate Campaign Monitor, email is the preferred business communication medium for 73% of millenials and the most effective customer retention channel for 80% of resellers.

In this article, we have prepared suggestions for choosing the right email marketing platform and useful tips to start sending newsletters immediately .

🤓  Mailchimp & Moosend Free training certificate ✅

There are dozens of email platforms on the market that can serve your needs. Today we will focus on the two most popular solutions, Moosend and Mailchimp . Both can meet the communication needs of a small or large organization and have similar key competitive advantages that we will present below.


It was founded in 2001 and today is the largest bulk email platform in the world. Based on Datanyze research, it holds 68% of the email services market and constantly offers new applications, such as landing page creation, linking to analytics and monitoring tools, etc.


It started in 2011 by two Greeks and since then has expanded throughout Europe and the world. It offers all the possibilities of a modern email marketing platform and the two features that make it stand out are the excellent management environment and the fast service of the users through live chat.

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🔥  Why a platform and not a newsletter from my mail server Free training certificate? 🤑

If you have a domain name or hosting package in DNHOST, it makes sense to ask yourself why you should choose to use an email platform to send bulk newsletters and not through the mail server of your hosting package.

Most hosting providers are only allowed to send automatic updates from the host website (eg email after user registration, order, payment, etc.), while it is strictly forbidden to send newsletters through the provider’s mail server. We explain the reasons:

In shared hosting packages, bulk emailing “clogs” the mail server and causes delays in the rapid circulation of emails of other domains hosted on the same server.

If some recipients of a newsletter report a promotional email as spam or make mistakes during the process of writing and sending emails (and has a low reliability score) then there is a high risk that the mail server will be blacklisted resulting in the inability to send emails to users of the server.

At DNHOST we inform our customers as soon as they buy a hosting package with a relevant reference in the email with the instructions for use that we send them and we analyze the issue in the terms of use of our services (par. 3.3.2).

💥  How do I register and what will I pay Free training certificate? ✨

The registration process on both platforms is extremely easy and you can find the links to explore them by selecting the following links: Subscribe to Mailchimp Subscribe to Moosend Free training certificate

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🔥  Subscribe to email marketing Free training certificate platform 😂

Before creating an account with your corporate or commercial domain, it would be good to create a test account with your personal mail. This way you will be able to get acquainted with the platforms and create a campaign that only you will see. As you develop your talent in unique campaigns, the test account will be useful in trying out features and new features before applying anything to your valuable contact list.