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🥇 Web hosting: The importance of Technical Support Free training certificates 🙂

Free training certificates

Free training certificates : One of the most misunderstood professions is hosting since it is very easy to open a reseller hosting account in a company (without even having a professional VAT number) and with a good (or black hat seo) start selling hosting.

Nowadays there are many who promise hosting with 24 x 7 Technical Support etc etc. But the truth is different.

✅  Free training certificates Web hosting: The importance of Technical Support 🤓

Unfortunately it is just as easy for many site owners to go on adventures, trusting their websites to “acquaintances”, “friends”, “big hosting companies “, only to discover that the quality of service, their know-how and presence when the customer needed it, it was much inferior to the advertiser.

After 11 years of experience in web hosting , we have inspired a whole generation of hosting companies and domains by establishing Technical Support , High Quality and Reliability in the Greek market.

So we are very happy to see good words spontaneously written by our customers  in blogs, forums, emails and our discussions with our customers in live chat.

This is what gives us the strength to continue even better, passionate about what we do!

It is certain that when you honor the customer and you are there in the easy and the difficult, it is not possible not to gain a good reputation.

So I thought it would be good to post some of the dozens of comments that our customers spontaneously write on the internet or in our chats.

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Providing an online Knowledge Base , Frequently Asked Questions , FAQ for Domains ,  Frequently Asked Questions for VPS ,  Aids for Using our Services , Glossary of Internet terms  and of course answering the emails and live chats of our customers ALL week , until late at night, we give a complete support to our customers, who recognize it.

Technical support in web hosting is a critical factor that judges the quality of services and the reputation of the hosting provider.

🔥  Facebook, Amazon and Zynga are betting on the social internet Free training certificates! 🤑

Facebook, Amazon and Zynga will invest in the sFund fund to help young entrepreneurs develop applications and services that will lead the social internet to a new era.

The sFund lion’s share of $ 250m (£ 160m) will come from venture capital management firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

✨ ⭐ Details were announced at an event in California, at Facebook Free training certificates headquarters. 💥


“It’s going to be an opportunity for the next five years or so, to take any business and rethink it given the sociability of the internet,” said Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

“We believe that every industry will be radically re-examined and designed around people.” This was a view supported by KPCB partner John Doerr, best known for investing in Amazon, Google and Netscape.

“Social media is going to grow from the half a billion people it has today to the billions of people connected around the globe tomorrow, and that’s an extremely exciting time for the internet,” Doerr told the BBC.

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The third big wave of the Internet is mobile and social (mobile and social) together. It will be something impressive “, added Mr. Der.

SFund will provide funding, consulting and communication funds to a new generation of start-ups, which will be called upon to deliver on the promises made by social media today.

Amazon will help businesses gain access to the company’s platform for one year and provide them with professional and technical support while Facebook will help by offering access to its platform teams, API trials, and new programs such as Facebook Credits.