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🥇 English Grammar Help: Use ‘ing’ to express future plans Free training certificates 🙂

Free training certificates

Free training certificates : in English; We have many ways to talk about the future. Free training certificates Actually; It can be a bit confusing to know what is the right way to use it sometimes. In the most popular way of talking about the future, we are shown to use ‘will’ or be going to ‘after it is a source, and we tend more to use’ be going to ‘in most cases Free training certificates to talk about future plans.

🤓 Free training certificates  However, you may hear people talking about future plans in another way. Let’s look at this example: ✅

Q: “? What are you doing this weekend”

A: “I’m meeting my sister”

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Ear; What name do we give to the mentioned time formula? That’s right – it’s the present continuous tense, but in this case we use it to express future plans.

🤑 Free training certificates What is the difference between using ‘be going to’ and the present continuous for future plans? Let’s look at more examples of Free training certificates this: 🔥

“I’m going to play Free training certificates football on Saturday”

You have a plan in mind Free training certificates but you probably haven’t taken any real action to confirm it. Also, playing football on Saturday may not be an activity you are used to.

“I’m playing Free training certificates football on Saturday”

You made a plan and Free training certificates took some steps to confirm it (for example, you called your friends or booked a place to play). In this case; Playing football on a Saturday will likely be an activity you are used to.

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If you can use the present Free training certificates continuous tense to express future plans; How do you avoid confusing the future and the present?

It’s all about context! When we use Free training certificates the present continuous tense to express the future; We often use words that indicate when something will happen (example: tomorrow / next Friday / weekend). Free training certificates The context may also be in a question we answer:

“? What are you doing this weekend”

💥 Free training certificates I’m washing the car. ✨

In this case; Free training certificates We need not repeat ‘this weekend’ because it is already clearly mentioned in the question we are answering.

Ear; What are you going Free training certificates to do on this weekend? Use the comments section to answer, and remember to only talk about things you Free training certificates took some action to complete or things you would normally do over the weekend.

Improve your English: Five keywords to talk about dreams

Happy dreams or nightmares; We all see it. What’s the best dream you’ve ever had? What is the most frightening dream you have ever had? And what is the coolest of them? Let us help you tell us about your dreams and improve your English language level; These are some of the keywords you need when talking about your dreams.

Have you ever found yourself looking out the window while you are at work, thinking about what to intend for the evening, or envisioning the perfect vacation photo? OK; I was daydreaming in a “daydream”. During the Free training certificates daydream you lose your mind and become unaware of what is going on around you.

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During a waking dream, the dream is always happy and positive, but the nightmare is no nightmare. Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night afraid, cut off your breath, your heartbeat racing? You may have seen an unpleasant or scary dream – also known as a nightmare. I always see nightmares after watching horror movies, so I have to stop watching them.

Sometimes we may have the same dream more than once. This is called a reoccurring dream. I used to have a recurring dream (it is actually: a nightmare recurring) that my car was falling off a bridge.

🔥    Have you Free training certificates ever tried to interpret a dream? If that; Then you are trying to interpret your dream. 😂

And this word that we mentioned last is not actually a description of a dream. Rather, it indicates a real situation in life that reminds Free training certificates you of something; As if you have visited it or seen it before. If you feel this way, you have déjà vu, a phrase taken from the French language that means “already seen.”

Now what do you think about your dreams? Are you Free training certificates a daydreamer fan? Have you been in déjà vu before? Free training certificates  How I would love to know about your reoccurring dreams – maybe we can try to interpret our dreams together during the next lesson – goodbye!