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Online Certificate programs : Following the extension of the confinement announced by the French government until May 11, many online training platforms have not necessarily extended their free offer, but have sometimes put up interesting promotions. We have just updated all the offers offered by these platforms, clearly distinguishing those offering free access from those offering interesting commercial offers Learn Certificate Programs. Free certifícate courses.

Online Training Courses APPLY FOR FREE

During this period of confinement, all schools have closed. Despite this exceptional situation, it is important not to rest on your laurels because it is not really a vacation. Indeed, students must continue to work so that school programs come to an end at the end of the year. As for digital professionals, this is an opportunity to add strings to their arcs, and to take advantage of this confinement to develop their skills in new subjects (coding, webdesign, development, project management, new technologies, etc.) . Learn English online Free course.

Consequently, many establishments, distance platforms have reacted and set up online courses thanks to e-learning platforms. If your institution does not offer online courses or if you are looking to take advantage of this confinement to build skills, be aware that there are many free online digital courses and training platforms open to all. In addition, if you prefer to study or train directly from textbooks, we have also listed in another article the platforms of books and works in open access for download. Discover the main solutions adapted to the digital world to help you see more clearly. 6 month Short Courses Online

Professional e-learning training platforms with free access

Whether you are telecommuting or on short-time work, it is a good idea to take advantage of confinement if you have less work to train on digital topics that interest you. Moreover, according to a study on Coursera learners in 2019, 87% of learners for professional development reasons said that it gave them career advantages (promotion, salary increase, start of a new career, …). In this case, we have selected several online and free professional training platforms on various and varied skills. Free online Courses

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FUN-MOOC is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in October 2013 to federate online course projects from universities and schools, in particular to increase their international visibility. Thanks to its partner academic establishments, the FUN-MOOC platform offers a vast catalog of training courses on many varied themes. Moreover, these same partners make it possible to provide current affairs courses composed by professors from French universities and schools. Today, FUN-MOOC represents 6 million registrants and 547 MOOCs available to Internet users free of charge to follow in an interactive, collaborative way and at their own pace. Online Training Courses

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Note that in the context of containment linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, the MOOC “Discovering FUN” does not issue a certificate of successful follow-up or certificate of achievement.

it’s still free, since this platform is free

FUN-Mooc is and will always be free, and it is also the platform that the editorial staff recommends to you to develop your skills!

learning (development, marketing, finance, business …) with free and paid online courses

Udemy is an online training and learning platform through videos available to Internet users but also through connecting Internet users with the best trainers. Today, Udemy has a truly international reach with 50 million participants, 150,000 courses, 57,000 trainers, 33 million minutes of learning video and over 65 languages ​​available.

Development (web, games,…), Business (entrepreneurship, data and analysis,…), IT and software (mobile application,…), Design, (graphic design,…), Marketing (digital marketing,…), Personal development, Photography, Music, … Udemy offers many themes with videos and training to progress step by step until obtaining certification. Free certifícate Courses

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The Udemy platform offers many free courses as well as promotional coupons , for example on their Marketing category (digital, social networks, SEO, content marketing, etc.), they offer 751 free training courses in the catalog total of 7214. Note that as this is an international platform, there are many courses in French but the majority of courses are in English.

In the Marketing category, there are 826 free training courses, or about 70 more than in our previous survey, and for the Development category (coding, web etc.), it is no less than 2 081 free training courses on the entire catalog of 10,000 references. It is certainly necessary to search and seek, not to hesitate to consult the opinions of the customers to choose well, but it is worth it!